Automatic Co-Scholastic Grade Certificate Generator
For Class X (2017)

Now you can Create Co-Scholastic Grade Certificates for Class X Automatically
through our Free Utility. Through this Utility, You have to enter only Students Particulars i.e. Name, Father's Name etc, , Grade and DI Code, and the Co-Scholastic Certificates of students will be automatically generated with Descriptive Indicators.

Just Download the File, and Follow the steps given here-

Automatic Report Card & Result Software Co-Scholastic Software
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General Settings before Using the Utility

Office 2007 Users :

  1. Open MS Excel, Click Microsoft Office Button> Excel Options> Trust Center > Trust Center Settings Button> Macro Settings.
  2. Under Macro Settings, choose “Enable All Macros” and Click on OK button.

Office 2003 Users :

  1. Click on Tools Menu> Options> Security
  2. Choose Macro Security as “LOW”.

How to Use - eParinaamTM Co-Scholastic Utility

eParinaamTM is ready to use after download. You just have to follow the below steps after downloading the utility-

Step by Step Tutorial -

When you open the utility, You will see 7 options on Home page of Utility as below-

1. Enter Student Particulars-

In this section, you will enter Students’ Names, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Date of Birth etc-


2. DI Code List-

This list has various Descriptive Indicators with DI codes i.e. 901, 902 etc. You have only to enter DI Code in "Enter DI Codes & Grades" section, The Descriptive Indicator will automatically be reflected in Certificate.


3. Enter DI Codes & Grades-

Enter the Grades and DI Codes of students in this section.-


4. Customise Co-Scholastic Areas-

Through this section, you can choose saparate activities for students for section 3A and 3B. By default we have given following activities to students-

Litrary & Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Sports and Yoga, you can customise it for every student.


5. Print Co-Scholastic Certificate-

Through this section, you can print Student wise Co-Scholastic Certificate Automatically. You just have to enter Admission Number. You can also Insert your School Logo on this Certificate.


6. Update School Info-

You have to add your school details on this page, so that they will reflect on Certificate as Header.

Home button is available on every page to go to Home Page any time.

Note- In a single file, you can enter maximum 80 students' details, if you want more, you can create a copy of the same file for more students.


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